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App Installs | Zirtue


Zirtue is a new peer-to-peer lending platform that provides a layer of formality and structure to loans between friends and family. They needed to acquire customers and drive volume on their app. Our primary objective was to drive App Installs.

Start Date
End Date

The Strategy

Throughout the flight, we looked to maintain a competitive cost-per-app install (CPI), aiming to stay below a $3 CPI, while focusing on sustainable long-term growth.

We launched the campaign with display, Facebook, and Google Ads. Display was in the mix to drive efficient volume upfront. Towards the end of the campaign we dropped display to maintain the cost effective conversion strategy and optimized towards the lower funnel channels, Facebook / Instagram and Google Ads.

The Results

We launched our campaign with all three channels: display, Facebook / Instagram, and Google.

Display had two primary tactics. One was an affiliate program and the other was programmatic display. The affiliate program was created on guaranteed app installs and drove 5K installs during the first week, meeting its goal. Programmatic display did not drive nearly as much traction. As a result, we shifted its remaining budget into the affiliate program and completed the display campaign in July with 9.8K app installs at $2.54 per install.

Facebook / Instagram and Google Ads were live for the entirety of the flight and balanced each other out throughout the campaign, complementing each other well.
Facebook saw a steady increase in installs week-after-week as spend increased at that cadence. As we looked to drive install volume the cost-per-app install increased from its original $2 range to around $5. Through campaign optimizations we were able to bring down the overall Facebook CPI to $4.31.

Google Ads was a top performer in driving efficient CPIs. Google was able to bring down its CPI from $9 per install to a $2.15 CPI overall, driving 18K installs at that cost.
Overall, with all three channels, we were able to drive 37,178 app installs at a $2.71 cost-per-app install.

App Installs
Cost-Per-App Install

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