Awareness for Warehouse Club

The goal was to increase brand awareness for a membership-only warehouse club for a popular grocery store, leveraging 30-second video. 


The Challenge

Drive awareness for a membership-only warehouse club, leveraging creative focused on the freshness of their seafood offerings via a 30-second video.


The Strategy

For this awareness-based campaign, we used a programmatic media mix of CTV and OLV to drive high-level awareness programmatically with a focused audience. For each channel, we utilized CRM look-a-likes and competitive conquesting to only show to new customers. Our KPI for both channels was VCR, but we also included a brand lift study to show that our high VCRs are increasing brand awareness.


The Result

The Result

Overall, the campaign exceeded expectations and was considered a success to the client. CTV drove almost a 100% VCR and OLV reached over 5.5MM people. While brand awareness for the client was already very high at 93.5%, we were able to drive a 1% lift in brand awareness to 94.5%, with a higher lift from the OLV placements.