Case Study:
Online Ticket Sales

The combination of Facebook/Instagram, Display and Search allowed us to amplify awareness and ticket sales for Hauntoween LA. Messaging prospects with a variety of online touch points encouraged them to take an action with our lower-funnel approach.

As demand and opportunities continued to increase, we scaled media spend and impressions up accordingly to maximize results during peak Halloween season

Total Tickets Sold
Total Revenue


Facebook proved to be a successful channel for driving ticket sales for Hauntoween LA, accounting for 89% of all sales driven by media.

Display was the most efficient channel in terms of cost per ticket sale at $2.05, followed by Facebook and then Search.

We saw the majority of ticket sales happen on Fridays & Saturdays. Success from ticket sales benefited from launching media prior to the peak Halloween season with a sold-out event.

Online Ticket Sales Daily Cost and ROAS


Attributed Tickets Sold
Attributed Revenue
Cost-per-Ticket Sale

ROAS as a metric

Here’s how we will report out ROAS as a metric.
Revenue / Media Spend = ROAS

ROAS Results

In addition to the quality of site traffic and sold-out ticket sales, our media campaign achieved a 10.15x ROAS.

As a result, our client has decided to take advantage of the Christmas season and strive to achieve the same success!

Online Ticket Sales Daily Transactions


The Arm Candy team were just what we needed when bringing Hauntoween to consumers in Los Angeles. It’s a delicate time for many and the last thing they want is to be “sold”. We worked diligently with John and his team to craft a campaign that focused on the value in our offering rather than selling a product or service. The results blew away any expectations I internally had with what Hauntoween could be. – Jasen Smith, CEO Experiential Supply

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