Case Study:
Lead Generation | Membership Warehouse Club

The Challenge

Acquire new members for a membership-only warehouse club during the 2019 holiday season using a new member promotional discount. In addition to acquisition and cost-per-lead metrics, the team was also asked to use this campaign to define a “best-in-class” acquisition model that could be used to drive improved performance quarter-over-quarter for the next fiscal year.


The Strategy


This performance-based campaign was divided into two phases, a learning phase designed to discover channel performance across a wide variety of channels and an optimization phase focused on the implementation of the “winning” channel mix.

In each phase, consumers were driven to a landing page to submit an email address to receive the promotional offer which counted as a lead.

A strategic audience building technique was used leveraging CRM data through LiveRamp. This LiveRamp data was analyzed to create audience files based on member look-a-likes and shopping behaviors. Retargeting audiences from brand-level Holiday campaigns were also included, which helped capitalize on awareness generated from other campaigns in market.

Phase I

In the first phase, we tested several channels including programmatic display, native, YouTube, online video, Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads to determine overall channel performance.

Each lead was captured through a campaign-gated landing page and tracked back to its original source, allowing us to effectively gauge which channels performed the best and generated the most leads.

Phase II

Phase I taught us that a combination of Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads were the most cost efficient lead-generating channels in comparison to all other channels tested.

The next best performing channel, programmatic native, had a CPL 5x higher than Facebook and Google Ads. The team decided to limit the campaign to the best performing channels and saw a dramatic increase in campaign performance.

Phase II achieved a CPL 57% lower than the CPL in Phase I – far exceeding the established campaign benchmark.

More leads over previous agency
Lower Cost-per-Lead
Decrease in CPL from Phase I to Phase II

The Results

When measured against campaigns executed by the client’s previous agency, our results were better. Our Phase I and Phase II combined campaign saw a 124% increase in number of leads with a 16% decrease in CPL compared to the previous agency.

This phased testing allowed us to better understand how the target audience would interact across multiple channels and develop a more efficient acquisition plan for each quarter moving forward.

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