Case Study:
2020 Banking Lead Generation

The Challenge

We needed to increase brand awareness and drive incremental leads for a regional bank that historically focused on direct digital buys, traditional placements, and local publications.


The Strategy

We implemented a full funnel media approach, using a combination of traditional channels for driving awareness and a multi-channel digital strategy to drive leads. Media elements from previous years were incorporated while introducing new tactics.

To drive awareness, we launched Television, Radio, Out-of-Home, Online video, and Local media. These channels allowed us to maximize reach and coverage, while leveraging premium placements.

To drive leads, we utilized Paid Search, Display, and Social, all new channels for the regional bank. These channels allowed us to reach qualified audiences and retarget people who took actions that proved intent, but had not converted.

By engaging multiple channels, we were able to message people at different steps in the consumer journey, introducing them to the regional bank with our upper funnel channels, and following up with more direct messaging encouraging them to take action with our lower funnel channels.

The Results

Site Traffic Growth

Upper and lower funnel channels have been very successful at driving increased site traffic. Awareness channels introduced people to the regional bank while conversion channels reinforced messaging and drove people to specific web pages, encouraging them to convert.

Website traffic increased by 46% in 2020, with a 55% increase in new users for the same time period. Period-over-period, users are up 51% while new users are up 45%.

Increase in website traffic YOY
Increase in New Users
Increase in Users

Lead Generation Growth

Historically this regional bank has not tracked lead generation. With Arm Candy’s media strategy, we have generated 715 leads at a CPL of $78.78, exceeding industry benchmarks and causing an influx of new customers for the bank.

We’ve been leveraging our other digital channels to primarily drive intent while still generating leads. Search has proven to be a top performing channel for the regional bank, driving very efficient leads, so we shifted our strategy to focus on Search for lead generation.

During the Coronavirus, we capitalized on the low CPMs and the shift in consumer behavior and were able to drive a spike in leads in April.

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