Case Study:
Store Traffic for Tire Manufacturer

The Challenge

Our objective was to drive consideration for the tire manufacturer’s product rebate program, providing support for locations across the US that sell the tire manufacturer’s products.

In lieu of the ability to track in-store sales, campaign effectiveness was measured by incremental foot traffic driven to the stores who are included in the program.


The Strategy

This campaign, which ran two flights in Q1 and Q3, leveraged cross-channel digital strategy to generate awareness for the rebate program, and move consumers through the funnel to visit a store location with the following channel mix:

Connected TV
Online Video
Programmatic Display

Incremental store visits were captured for consumers who were exposed to a programmatic ad across any of the channels in the campaign.

Though social channels are not available for store visit campaigns of this nature, these placements aided in the awareness and consideration of the promotion program.

Campaign CTR

The Results

Media Performance

While utilizing our video channels to garner awareness of the rebate program, we leveraged our other digital channels to drive intent. The result was our campaign surpassing the industry benchmarks for VCR with each of those views costing $0.03 and CTR exceeding expectations coming in at 0.22%.

Store Visits
% Lift

Store Visitation Performance

By engaging upper and lower funnel channels, we were successful in driving store visits over the course of the two flights as each week outperformed the one before. Our campaign produced over 445K store visits at a low CPSV of $1.43 and showed the importance of awareness and conversion channels working together to drive results.

Breaking down store visits by device, we see the importance of having high-impact awareness video placements on the success of driving consumers in-store, as 29.1% of all exposed visits came directly from TV ad exposure.

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