Arm Candy Celebrates its First Anniversary
by Team Arm Candy

Mar 19, 2020

January 2020 marked Arm Candy‚Äôs first year anniversary bringing about a great deal to be celebrated. Our employees, clients, partners, family, and friends all gathered at a local Dallas venue, the Quarter Bar, to reminisce on a great first year and all of Arm Candy’s accomplishments. 

2019 was a year of exponential growth for us. We were founded back in 2019 by John Lods, beginning with client partnerships including The Marketing Arm (TMA) and Commerce House. By June, Arm Candy had doubled, bringing on our second employee and growing our book of business. This growth continued with a third employee joining the team in August as an additional Fortune 500 client was onboarded. 

By the Fall of 2019, the word had gotten out about our fresh approach to media and the referrals numbers increased. November brought two additional hires rounding out 2019 with five Arm Candy employees, more than 25 client brands worked on, and roughly $40M in media budgets that needed our services.  

This forward momentum is all thanks to the Arm Candy community who believes that there is a smarter way to approach media. The first of many anniversary parties was a perfect way to reflect on a great first year and to thank the partners, clients, and employees who all made it possible.