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Arm Candy

Arm Candy is, first and foremost, an extension of your team. We operate as a full-service media agency allowing you to execute highly proficient media services across all advertising channels for your organization or your clients.

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What We Do

Serving the right message, to the right person, at the right time, is easy.
Developing holistic strategies that solve tangible business objectives, is not.

Media Planning

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Plans that solve problems, for any business imaginable.

Media Buying

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A one stop shop for all your media buying needs.

Campaign Management

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Nearly 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, direct-access to your own personal media providers.

Data Analytics

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Where business intelligence meets CRM audience applications.

Media Education

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Hands-on media trainings to help keep you and your teams in the know!

Media Consulting

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For all your miscellaneous staffing, billing, finance, creative, etc. challenges that you need help solving.

Who We Service

Our solution simplifies a scientific approach, allowing cross-team analysis and cross-team applications, because when a village gets behind a single cause, the village wins.

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Arm Candy’s model was developed to be an agency-to-agency partner. As a full-service media provider for numerous agencies, we understand no agency model is the same. We developed a dynamic model that creates highly integrated work flows leading to sustainable and profitable growth for our agency partners.

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Brands are continuing to bring media work in-house which can be a costly and sometimes dicey, endeavor. Our agency model helps offset these challenges by allowing brands to integrate with our team to fill the existing gaps in their media offering. As their teams develop, so we do we, so they’re able to utilize us in the most cost-effective manner where we can provide the most value.

Ad Tech Partners
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Ad Tech companies specialize in a few niche areas but oftentimes their clients are looking for a more full-service solution. Instead of trying to extend their team’s capabilities for infrequent asks, our tech partners are able to white-label our services. This allows them to execute capabilities outside their unique specialties with confidence.

  • “Arm Candy is an integral part of our ability to help some of the top brands in the country effectively achieve their marketing objectives. Their responsiveness, strategy, insight, and execution enable our clients to stay on top of shifting consumer trends and deliver efficiency and scale for our ad buying efforts.” —

    Damon Gochneaur
    The Marketing Arm , Director of Media
  • “Arm Candy truly brings a strategic vision to their work. Always starting by analyzing the biggest challenge and then working smarter to achieve business outcomes. The team consistently makes cross-channel media more effective by looking at cross-channel exposure, minimizing waste, and measuring effectiveness both online and offline.” —

    Patrick Derdeyn
    Viant, Sr. Director of Sales
  • “Commerce House has worked with The Arm Candy team on four client projects, and they have exceeded our expectations at every turn. They bring a level of strategic ingenuity that is refreshing and rare. They are timely, reliable and good communicators, which is critical in such a fast paced business. And last but not least, they are a pleasure to work with personally, which makes the good days better and the tough days manageable. We have found a true partner in The Arm Candy.” —

    Ashley Watson
    Commerce House, Principal, Marketing
  • “With consumers taking more control of how and when they consume their media, the need for a partner who understands the constantly evolving media landscape is more vital than ever before. The Arm Candy team combines a strategic data driven approach that capitalizes on emerging media trends with an intimate understanding of our Brand’s business to provide the type of evaluation, planning and cost efficient buying needed to make an impact in today’s environment.” —

    Mike Lozito
    The Marketing Arm, Senior Vice President, Account Service
  • Commerce House has found Arm Candy to be a very collaborative partner to the point that on the projects we work together on, it’s hard to tell where Commerce House ends, and Arm Candy begins. They are an extension of our own team, enabling us to deliver clients a seamless experience and excellent results. In addition, I appreciate that they combine the sophistication of a large firm with the intimacy and nimbleness of a boutique, mirroring our own approach to clients. I recommend them without hesitation.” —

    Mark Denesuk
    Commerce House, Chief Executive Officer
  • Whether you're a brand or an agency, John and the team at Arm Candy can provide you with breakthrough digital media strategies and planning, and the tactical effectiveness to ensure they are executed to perfection. I'd put them up against any of the big shops nationwide.” —

    Rob Howe
    Recreation Dallas, Managing Partner
  • The team at Arm Candy is a real extension of our business. They take proper care and consideration not to only drive results, but to make sure they understand our working style and clients needs. Whether we need an extra set of hands or full campaign management, we can lean on Arm Candy and their bright team to help us pull things together.” —

    Sean Clayton
    SITO, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Arm Candy’s aptitude toward media is bar none. They have the full scale and service offering of a large agency with the personal service and attention to detail of a small one. Having partnered with them on several occasions, there is no one I trust more to bring into the room to help explain the benefits of their services simply and clearly to prospective clients.  On the backend, I have every confidence that they will deliver on what they promised and consistently exceed my client's expectations.” —

    John Kelly
    Kelly Consulting & Holdings, Principal
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