Cyris is Arm Candy’s in-house data warehouse that helps power our proprietary planning methodology with a focus on media mix and actual business outcomes

Cyris is a dynamic media tool to drive better media outcomes.

Arm Candy is a media intelligence agency that provides the data-driven media strategies you need. By leveraging real media data and business outcomes. Cyris provides insights into media strategies that are most likely to yield our desired outcomes and forecast results leveraging the planning variables in each plan.

How does Cyris work?

Cyris captures all campaign data owned and executed by Arm Candy. It is used to guide the creation of strategic media plans, yielding smarter recommendations.

Predictive algorithms help project campaign results given desired campaign parameters, to get the most out of a campaign budget.

Cyris is powered and modeled from Arm Candy’s historical campaign performance




Trends and Benchmarks

Understand YoY trends in media performance by industry, channel or campaign objectives.

Campaign Strategies

Input variables to understand ideal channel mix based on actual campaign parameters.

Predict Outcomes

Project business results and determine the best place to allocate media dollars.

Custom Dashboard

Custom dashboards contain aggregated results for all histoprical campaign performance.