About Us

Why We’re Here

We believe there is a better way.

A better media solution for our clients and a better working model for our employees.

Arm Candy was born out of the need for a simpler solution to media for agency partners and clients. Agency partners needed a flexible model that allows them to offer media services without having to build a capability from scratch and still contribute to their bottom line. Our clients wanted an agency partner who was accessible, spoke their language and delivered results.

By simplifying our organizational structure, investing in highly capable talent, instituting innovative employee benefits and securing exclusive arrangements with our media partners, we created a model that gives our clients the results they want while giving our employees the flexibility, benefits and autonomy they desire.

This win-win solution gives us a unique position in the marketplace that results in happy clients, happy agency partners, happy employees and profitable engagements across the board.

Let’s get started. Together.

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