People-First Agency

Our people are our product, so we foster a work environment where employees can engineer their own success and enjoy themselves during the process. Our people-first agency was created to flip the traditional employee-employer relationship and make sure everyone understands just how valued they are!

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Quality > Quantity

We believe in quality over quantity. We take great pride in our work producing top quality service and results for our clients. Thus, we are meticulous in our selection. We understand that in order to keep providing clients with the best quality work, we need the highest quality people.

Benefits and Beyond

We work hard to take care of our own. You’re the real MVP so you’re treated as much.

Mandatory PTO

All team members must take a minimum of 15 days off each year to be eligible for a raise.

Monthly Mobile Stipend

We’ll send an extra $125/month your way to cover your expenses.

Quarterly Bonuses

This allows us to reward great work and win as a team in a meaningful way on a more frequent basis!

Health Insurance

Fully covered low-deductible health, vision, dental and life insurance for you and your immediate family.


Rest easy, you’re covered should anything unfortunate happen.

Flexible Work Schedule

A flexible office schedule that can accommodate your family, extracurriculars, and whatever else you may have going on.

Dog-Friendly Office

BYOD. We’ll even cover the doggy insurance.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

13-weeks fully paid for moms and 8-weeks fully paid for dads. And of course, this includes an office baby shower for good measure!

401k Contribution

This includes up to a 3.5% employer match!

We actively pursue talent with all types of unique backgrounds, whether that be agency, ad tech, brand-side; or new to advertising. The only thing that we require are great attitudes and great minds.

Open Positions

Senior Level Position

Director of Finance

8+ years of experience

Dallas, TX

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Mid-Level Position

AR/AP Specialist

4 years of experience

Dallas, TX

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Media Manager

3-5+ years of experience

Dallas, TX

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Entry-Level Position

Office Assistant

0-1 years of experience

Dallas, TX

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