Culture With a Twist
by Team Arm Candy

Jul 21, 2021

There are many things Arm Candy does exceptionally well—and company culture is one of them. A strong culture is vital to having happy employees, which benefits everyone, including our clients!

Arm Candy’s mission leads with its culture, and we stand by the happiness of our employees before anything else. While our team has a unique blend of skills—all with different strengths—we put new skills to the test last week and painted a picture of team bonding. Literally!

These media junkies dove into their creative side, trading desks with laptops and monitors for a space with nothing but a drop cloth and an easel (and of course, some liquid courage). We used step-by-step video tutorials, but in true Arm Candy fashion, many decided to take a freestyle approach; drawing up anything from their pets at home, to picturesque beaches, to mountain scenery.

While painting and art projects may not be our specialty (maybe you can be the judge?), our culture certainly is special and unique to our company. We are constantly striving to fulfill our value of improving that 1%, both with partners and clients, but also starting with each other. We do our best to keep a close-knit team, and prioritizing events like ‘painting with a twist’ is crucial to keeping the AC spirit alive.