It takes a village. So educate the village…

We regularly host educational lunch and learns, employee training sessions and speak at client conferences to share the latest media news and trends.

Media Training Topics

It’s our job to make you look good and part of that is keeping our clients as smart as our employees.

Media 101

Employee Onboarding

Audience Segmentation

Media Regulations

Changing Media Landscape in 2020 and Beyond

Innovating Media Platforms

Media Attribution & Measurement

Media Platform Innovations

Category Deep Dives

On Site

Come join us for the day onsite at Arm Candy HQ and we can work together, troubleshoot items or hold more formal sessions together.

Lunch & Learns

Want to learn something new? Name the subject, we’ll bring the material and walk you through the possibilities. We also have a network of partners who we can tap into for specific areas of expertise.

Virtual Training

Have questions? We’ll answer them. The more you know, the more secure you will feel; and when a client’s happy, everyone’s happy.


Media impacts every facet of an organization; so we understand the need to have all teams up to speed. We’ll come in and give an informative discussion so everyone feels better about a subject that may not be their own area of expertise.

Q & A’s

Have a bunch of random questions? Fire away. Always happy to show off our media prowess.