Why Arm Candy?

We’re the ones you want to take to the dance.

The media industry tends to overhype and overcomplicate advancements in data and technology, distracting advertisers from what matters … results. Our solution simplifies a scientific approach to media where we leverage the best ad tech and media minds in the business to create media strategies that generate profitable business outcomes. And we do it in a way that everyone that can understand and contribute to.  

What This Does For You

You’re able to ‘plug in’ to Arm Candy and execute knowledgeable media plans that produce tangible business results.

You don’t need to worry about finding the right people and retaining them. Instead, you’ll have a partner that you can tap into that’s 100% on your team… just not on your payroll.

Our relationship is inherently more profitable for you due to our unique structure which helps expand the amount of work we’re able to tackle together.

Our Planning Approach

We’re in the business of helping you look good.