Why Arm Candy?

We’re the ones you want to take to the dance.

The media industry tends to overhype and overcomplicate advancements in data and technology, distracting advertisers from what matters … results. Our solution simplifies a scientific approach to media where we leverage the best ad tech and media minds in the business to create media strategies that generate profitable business outcomes. And we do it in a way that everyone that can understand and contribute to.  

The Challenges We Solve

AGENCIES: The media industry is complicated

There are new updates, policies, channels, tactics, platforms and audiences emerging and evolving constantly. Given the nature of the media landscape, it can be daunting to execute media campaigns.

BRANDS: Media teams don’t grow on trees

Media expertise comes in all shapes and sizes. When everyone sings the same song and dance the same dance, it can be nearly impossible to find those unicorns to add to your team. And we understand that turnover is costly to both your clients and your organization.

TECH PARTNERS: Clients ask for services outside your wheelhouse

Clients love you because of your specialization and expertise, but that can also make servicing some requests, a challenge. Most commonly, this takes place via Search and Social; the campaigns that take more time and are inherently less profitable.

Our Unique Solutions

AGENCIES: A simplified media process

Everything we need to know to get started! We help you ask all of the right questions so we’re prepared to deliver a course of action that will excite all parties involved.

BRANDS: We make media digestible

We help you understand the ins and outs of the entire media ecosystem so you’re informed and in the know about the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of everything we do. When you’re informed, you’re able to build confidence around the strategies we’re executing.

TECH PARTNERS: White-labeled (or not) media partners

We can run any type of campaign with any objective to supplement your existing offering. We’ll also provide your team full access to our platforms so you’re equipped to answer client questions and have confidence in the campaigns we execute together.

What This Does For You

You’re able to ‘plug in’ to Arm Candy and execute knowledgeable media plans that produce tangible business results.

You don’t need to worry about finding the right people and retaining them. Instead, you’ll have a partner that you can tap into that’s 100% on your team… just not on your payroll.

Our relationship is inherently more profitable for you due to our unique structure which helps expand the amount of work we’re able to tackle together.