Driving App Downloads for Fan Controlled Football

Fan Controlled Football


The Challenge

Fan Controlled Football is a professional indoor football league created in 2017 as the first sports league controlled by fans. FCF was completely new to market sports leagues that are 100% fan-voted and controlled. FCF was looking to drive awareness of their first season, as well as team registrations and app downloads for users to engage and vote.


The Strategy

Arm Candy implemented a media strategy focusing on upper and lower funnel channels in order to drive awareness and downloads. 

We started with Social, Google Search, and Apple Search driving awareness of the league and upcoming season and games. As the season drew closer we paused the more awareness tactics and launched app download specific tactics and platforms.


Overview of Results

Fan Controlled Football saw great results in terms of app downloads. Despite pivoting goals halfway through the campaign, we were able to maintain strong performance across the board.

Across the board, all channels drove effective awareness at the start of the campaign with Search producing the most efficient app downloads.  

Overall we were able to drive just under 38k app downloads at a $3.75 cost-per-app-download. We were also able to garner 40,783 in-app engagements.



Apple & Google Search Results

Both Apple and Google Search proved to be extremely efficient channels in regards to driving app downloads. Due to inventory struggles, we were unable to scale Apple Search, but it yielded our lowest cost-per-app-download, $1.45. Google Search drove the lion share of our app downloads, 23,937.


In addition to Apple and Google Search, Facebook and Instagram were also utilized to drive App Downloads. While not as efficient as Search they were able to drive the majority of our in-app engagements. 


Apple & Google Search Results


App Downloads




App Engagements


Facebook / Instagram Creative Seen Here

Facebook / Instagram Creative Seen Here

In addition to Apple and Google Search, Facebook and Instagram were also utilized to drive App Downloads.