Combating the Labor Shortage with Paid Media
By Molly Snyder

July 18, 2022

By Molly Snyder

July 18, 2022

“It seems like no one wants to work these days,” says Kim Kardashian—and every company right now. But, perhaps it is not that no one wants to work, and rather that you are not reaching the right audience with your job openings. Every industry is being hit with turnover and an employee shortage. 

So, what can your company do to combat that? Test a recruiting campaign!

What is a recruiting campaign?

It is just like it sounds—a campaign aimed at driving qualified leads for your business. While it may sound simple, executing these campaigns is, unfortunately, not. There are a number of fundamentals that need to be in place before you can put paid media dollars towards finding these candidates. 

Building blocks for success

There is a heavy technical component required to properly drive qualified leads for job openings. The technical lift is heavier for recruiting campaigns than it is for E-commerce or awareness campaigns, which will require implementation from the client. A variety of factors are at play, ranging from selection of a recruitment tool to ensuring the user journey is correct. 

See below for the fundamental blocks that need to be in place prior to launch:

  • Recruitment tool to manage lead submission is selected and set up 
  • There must be a strong user experience and intuitive application process
  • The recruitment process (post-application) should be established and include initial outreach from a recruiter within 24 hours and the lead should continue to be nurtured throughout the entire process (email, phone calls) 
  • Application page on the website must be able to have media tags placed for a campaign to be able to measure lead form submissions and CPA
  • Job board management must be established

Once the foundation is in place, the planning can begin!

Audience, audience, audience

A recruitment campaign is only as good as the audience information at hand to build a plan. While a campaign can learn its best-performing audience over time, it is better to have as much information on the target audience as possible before launching. 

Important things to consider are the audience demographics. Are they bilingual? If so, the plan should include the language or languages that will resonate best with the audience. Does the audience skew younger? If so, the campaign will be executed on platforms that cater to a younger audience. This audience profile can be built with an audience analysis of any first-party data that can be provided.

Now that the foundation is set and the audience is established, a plan strategy can be developed to yield the strongest results.

Picking the perfect plan

With the back-end established, the fun part can begin—planning and execution. Similar to E-commerce and sales-focused campaigns, lower-funnel tactics can only take a campaign’s results so far. In order to cut through the noise of other companies’ recruiting and sales efforts—and to make your campaign the most successful—upper-funnel awareness tactics should be woven into the media mix to build and nurture leads from the start of their search to their first day on the job. While different recruiting campaigns may have a range of available budgets, it is important to have a variety of tactics that will resonate most with your future candidates.

Open the candidate flood gates

Ready to drive more qualified candidates for your client or brand? Drop us a line here – we’d love to chat! Peace.Love.Recruiting.

Written By Molly Snyder

Molly struggles to come up with fun facts and prefers plants to people.

Written By Molly Snyder

Molly struggles to come up with fun facts and prefers plants to people.