Why Amazon Is a Must for E-commerce Brands
by Alyssa Holland

Mar 18, 2021

If you’re playing the e-commerce game, you should probably start considering Amazon as a part of your winning strategy. Yes, despite any hesitation you might have, we believe it’s the right play. Moving into 2021, Amazon is expected to account for 50% of the U.S. eCommerce market, up from 34% just five years ago. There is simply no other online retailer that currently comes close to this amount—and their growth is proof of how fast they are taking over the e-comm market. 

Some May Wonder if it’s Worth the Competition

Getting started on this leading e-commerce platform can be intimidating as you start adding up the number of categories, sellers, and products already in action. And, we know you might be thinking, “But, what about creating unnecessary competition with our DTC site? I’d prefer transactions be placed directly there instead.” 

We’re here to tell you that you have much more to gain than you have to lose through activating e-commerce through the Amazon offering. 

The consumer base Amazon attracts is like no other. There are currently 213M+ active users in the U.S. that log into Amazon each month. That’s roughly 65% of the entire U.S. population. Even if a shopper doesn’t make a purchase from Amazon, more than half of product and review searches begin on their shopping platform, giving you the ability for additional reach and exposure. While competition may be at an all-time high, the audience and demand it provides is hard to ignore.

We’re the first to admit that getting set up on Amazon is not the easiest process. It can require a few hurdles and additional tasks you might have to complete for the sake of your business. If you’ve started, and got road-blocked by the laborious process, we encourage you to keep going. Once products are established across the platform, brands can take this experience to the next level by creating a custom Amazon Storefront for shoppers. This solution is similar to creating an online e-commerce shop that highlights products, value propositions, and a brand overview. This also helps brands stand out from the crowd versus solely focusing on the product listings themselves. 

But, How Do They Keep Winning?

Amazon puts the shopper first. The features that an Amazon Prime membership offer are what keeps the e-commerce powerhouse thriving. 

  1. Fast and free shipping. Other online retailers like Walmart and Target have started rolling this out—but none are quite up to par with how fast Amazon can deliver a package to a shopper’s doorstep. 
  2. Subscribe and save. Amazon makes it easy for shoppers to consistently spend their money, with savings and convenience. 
  3. Access to everything. Literally. 
  4. Customer service. This may seem basic, but if you’ve ever had to talk to a customer service representative at Amazon it feels like they know you. The experience to resolve any issues is quick and easy. They make the experience personable and will go over the moon to keep their customers pleased and loyal. 

Let’s also not forget Prime Day—the most profitable shopping day of the year—which has even surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just last year in the U.S., this record-breaking event brought in $10.40 billion in sales in just 48-hours. 

As Amazon continues to be the leader in today’s e-commerce world, we believe the number of people (and potential revenue) you could gain with an active product listing on their marketplace, is great. Amazon makes it easy, especially for new brands, to find and build a loyal customer base and gain access to all Prime offerings.

Want to get your brand started up on Amazon so you don’t miss out? Drop us a note. We would love to help your business grow in the ever evolving e-comm world!