Driving Conversions for a Major Airline

Campaign objective was to increase time on site and conversions at an efficient CPA for this major airline: Pet Shipping. This was executed via Paid Search. While the primary goal of this campaign was to drive conversions, other KPIs used as measures of success in regards to site visitor retention/volume, include: CTR, CPLV, Time on Site.

The Challenge

Arm Candy was tasked with implementing Search into a major airline’s efforts to retain and increase site visitors while also increasing bookings at a low cost-per-booking.

The Strategy

A mix of Branded and Non-Branded keywords allowed the campaign to efficiently drive reservations, as well as a large amount of clicks and volume of reservations for this campaign. By consistently optimize the inclusion and exclusion of search terms based on daily trends, the CPA continually decreased throughout the campaign.

This test led to 145 total reservations and a campaign-low CPA of $203; 89% lower than the highest CPA seen in week 3.

Arm Candy executed a Search test campaign to drive conversions for a major airline’s Pet Shipping Cargo business.


Reservation Completion Rate


Total Reservations Started


Total Clicks to Landing Page


Total Impressions

Search drove a 50% increase in Reservations MoM

Search consistently drove an increase in booking confirmations MoM throughout the 3-month test through optimizations, including optimizing keywords.

While branded keywords saw strong efficiency at driving reservations, non-branded keywords drove a large majority of the clicks and volume of reservations for this campaign.